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Didn't You Used to Love Him/Her?

It boggles my mind that a person would verbally lash out on an individual that they have been romantically involved with for years, after the relationship is over. Were you not the one that told him/her that you loved them? Did the both of you not talk about some day getting married and po

ssibly children? What about all the outings, the holidays, the introductions, and overall time you spent together? And let’s not forget all of the gifts. I understand that sometimes people speak badly about another because of hurt feelings, however, why now is he a 2 minute lover or sorry behind good for nothing man? Why is she, all of a sudden a gold digging, trifling, can’t be trusted, whore? Were some of these signs not there before, while you were with him/her? Or did their character change just that drastically after they hurt you and the relationship ended?


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