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Djea Natural Hair Spa

Serene earth toned colors and friendly greetings were received immediately as I entered into Djea Natural Hair Spa, which is located at 1264 Parker Rd in Conyers, Ga, This establishment has been around since 2010 with their focus being that of high quality products, a relaxing atmosphere, education on hair care, and versatility in natural hairstyles. Owner, Ginette Nean states, “When clients and stylists work together, and have clear communication, it enables us to achieve those customer’s goals for their hair.”

Some things that add to the success of Djea Natural Hair Spa is that their education never ends. Currently they have Zoom online classes, teaching various styling techniques. They keep themselves educated in quality hair products, consulting clients, and taking a holistic approach to hair care. Their weekly classes and bi-weekly and monthly team meetings keep them current, aware, and knowledgeable of the industry. Some of the styles offered are finger coils, wash & go, braiding, and locs and loc maintenance-65% of their clientele have locs.

With Djea’s Natural Hair Spa, a holistic approach is taken. They realize that the health of hair is not just what you put on it but also the things you eat, your mental health, and the styling tools used. Djea Natural Hair Spa will not disappoint.

Djea Natural Hair Spa owner Ginette Nean

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