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Horatio's Healthy Cuisine

Named after grandson, Horatio, family owned restaurant establishment Horatios Healthy Cuisine will be celebrating their 3rd year anniversary at location 1706 Hwy 138 SE Conyers, Ga 30013. Sharon Davis, owner and chef of this establishment always loved to cook and did plenty of catering. She wanted to open a restaurant but knew that it would be a lot of work. Her son approached her one day expressing his desire to open a restaurant. Sharon was hesitant to be a part because she understood what all would go into it. Her son persisted and eventually she gave in, but later everyone else backed out but her. It was as though God led her exactly where He wanted. She fought to make it work and it has, even during this COVID epidemic. Sharon stated, “People thought opening up a restaurant (and a healthy one at that) was a bankrupt idea, but if you eat poorly you will be paying the price for it later on with bad health.”

She chose a health cognizant restaurant because of the importance of it, her family personally eats healthy and are health aware, and believes that great tasting, flavorful food does not need to be compromised with an unhealthy lifestyle. There are so many great items on the menu, but their specialty seems to be their jerk chicken tacos and portobello mushroom burgers. And let us not forget the freshly prepared daily juices.

On my first visit I had the grilled Salmon and Shrimp. Grilled to perfection tender salmon was topped with sautéed shrimp, onions, peppers, served with rice and asparagus. All I can say is mm mm good! The fresh, thirst quenching juice I consumed was the Yellow Ranger-bee pollen, turmeric, lemon, ginger, and honey crisp apples-what a treat!

Coming up for Horatios Healthy Cuisine will be going on the road with their kitchen on wheels, a cookbook, bottled and labeled healthy fresh juice line, and so much more-Stay Tuned.

For those future customers out there, Horatios wants you to know that health is a priority with no sacrifice on taste-the integrity of the food remains. There is great food satisfaction and quality, and Horatio’s cooks to order. “We make sure our customers feel like family, are treated with care and respect, and that a great impression is made each time. We want all to walk away feeling Happy-One plate at a time.

Horatios Healthy Cuisine holds true to their motto: Health Taste and Love

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