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Relating in Relationships

A love relationship should include that of care, responsibility, respect, and truth. If I love someone or someone loves me then we both:

Care-that is, we are actively concerned with each other’s growth and happiness. No, we should not be dependent on the other individual to make us happy and grow, however, in a love relationship we are contributors of that joy and development of the one we say we love.

Show Responsibility- we both respond to each other’s needs, whether we can fix the need or just be the listening ear.

Respect- we look at each other as is, objectively and not distorted by our own wishes and fears.

Tell the Truth- A love relationship should include a level of openness and vulnerability. How can 2 people know each other unless there is a level of shared personal information? The more shared, the more vulnerable, the closer you can become. With this knowledge the two of you can decide on the progression of the relationship.

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