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What is the Price Tag for Your Heart?

Often times we say what we will and won’t put up with in a relationship but when we’re in it, sometimes things change. Those very things that we originally said we wanted still exist in our minds but in reality we’ve settled to a fraction of our original desires.

Maybe you wanted to wait until you were married before having sex and now as you reflect on your past, you’ve already been with 10 more individuals than you planned. And you said you would never shack up before marriage however, five years later, there's still no change. Or maybe you said you won't purchase a house with him/her or say, "I do," until they stop cheating on you but now the abuse continues and you just closed on the house and said, "I do."

I know, I know, things change, people change, wants change but, let’s make sure we don’t forget the original reasons we had certain desires in the first place and compromise so much that we don't recognize the person we've become.

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