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When Is It Really Right?

It's hard to stay focused

hard to stay true

I'm lost and don't know what to do

The love was getting too deep

didn't know where to go,

tried to hide it but it will always show.

Attempted to run away and hide

but inside you will always abide.

Love you haven't lost

out of sight but continuously

on my mind.

Why are relationships so difficult to understand? Or are they? He wants to be with you, you want to be with the other guy. Now you want to be with him but he’s with someone else. You push him away, he comes closer, you run, he’s right there, now he’s free. You run towards him, but he runs away. Now you feel stuck with memories of the times he wanted to be with you but those times have faded away. When he wasn’t guarded you weren't, when you finally let your walls down, he put his up. Talk about timing. Could it be any worse? After years of being thousands of miles away from him, you both have pondered this whole love thing. Well not to your surprise feelings still remain the same and possibly even stronger. You may ask, “Is there any possible chance that we will be together?” The confusion of timing has left you wondering-What time is it now?

Needless to say when the timing is right it’s right.

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